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On the Southeast African coast, Mozambique is a tourist destination that is increasingly developing in natural and cultural tourism. The country on the Indian Ocean can look back on a rich trading history and was a Portuguese colony until independence in 1975. The socialist country still has close trade and cultural relations with eastern European states. In the past, many people from Mozambique were educated in the GDR and Marxism was a long-standing constitution. In recent history, Mozambique, rich in mineral resources, is positioning itself in ecotourism and is recalling its heyday in the Monomotapa Empire, which maintained close trade relations with the Arab world, China and India until the 18th century.

The eponymous Mozambican island in the province of Nampula is due to the colonial buildings a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here, Muslim and Portuguese merchants drove a lively trade. Mozambique’s tourist centers include cities such as Maputo as the capital of the Indian Ocean or Beira. Beira is the second largest port city and offers beautiful sandy beaches for a beach holiday. From the bustling and charming port city one can reach many tourist destinations well, like the Bazaruto or Zalala islands. The Tofo Beach near the city of Inhambane on the Indian Ocean is still an insider tip with divers. The diving area on the Indian Ocean is home to marine life such as whale sharks or manta rays. Most sights and cultural institutions can be found in the capital Maputo. The country also offers interesting national parks such as the Maputo National Park with a large population of elephants.

The capital, Maputo, has the most cultural attractions and is one of the most popular tourist destinations along with Beira, Inhambane or Vilanculos. In Maputo, the station is the most famous building built by Gustave Eiffel. Worth seeing is the Portuguese fortress of the city, which was built towards the end of the 18th century. The Revolution Museum and Maputo Natural History Museum are among the well-known cultural institutions.

Worth seeing in the state capital is above all the old town with many colonial buildings. National monuments include the Portuguese fortress of São Sebastião on Ilha de Moçambique. The fortress was permanently expanded in the 16th century and attacked by the French, among others. The city of Inhambane is one of the most beautiful cities with historical buildings in Mozambique. It is located about 500 kilometers from Maputo and was founded by Vasco de Gama towards the end of the 15th century. Inhambane is considered one of the oldest cities and offers some attractions with the Mercato Central or the church Nossa Senhora.

Also celebrated as the second Goa, Tofo Beach in the province of Inhambane has become a backpacker mecca in recent years. This is evident when looking at the pleasant atmosphere, the beautiful sandy beaches, the lively nightlife and the excellent diving and snorkeling opportunities. Those who want a bit more peace and quiet should head to Praia de Jangamo Beach, 30 kilometers away. Mozambique’s second largest city, with 550,000 inhabitants, is also the capital of Sofala province. The modern city is next to Maputo and Nacala as the third major seaport of international shipping.

“Municipalidad de Inhambane” also includes the well-known “Praia de Tofo” – one of the most memorable natural experiences in Mozambique. From Praia de Tofo, travelers can book whale shark safaris and experience an unforgettable natural event – a speedboat guides an expert guide out to the open sea in search of whale sharks up to 15 meters long. Once they have been sighted, experienced tourists, equipped with snorkeling equipment, can jump to the whale sharks and marvel at them from close by. A truly lifelong memorable event. And if you just want to experience tranquility and one of the most beautiful parts of Mozambique, you can also find this in Praia de Tofo. Between mangrove and palm groves, surrounded by the sounds of parrots and monkeys, the sound of the waves, vacationers can enjoy their perfect beach holiday.

If you are looking for pure beach vacation in Mozambique, you should book a trip to Praia do Xai Xai. Xai Xai has one of the most beautiful beaches. Palm-fringed, white-sand beach and coral reefs let tourists find the peace and quiet they are looking for. Ideal for diving trips and snorkelers.

This somewhat sleepy, but also historic city attracts with numerous colonial buildings and should be one of the most beautiful cities in Mozambique. The city, located about 500 kilometers from Maputo, spreads on a peninsula on a picturesque bay and also serves as a gateway to the popular coastal resort of Tofo Beach (s.u.).

About 185,000 people live in Northern Mozambique’s economic center, a bustling administrative, banking and trading city. Nampula is the commercial epicenter of the whole region. The two-towered cathedral De Nosa Senhora da Conceicao, which towers majestically above the rooftops of the surrounding countryside, may be more interesting for tourists. Furthermore, the privately operated Universidade Católica de Moçambique settled in 1996 in Nampula.

The capital of the province of Cabo Delgado is located in the north of the country. It is a port city nestling on the south side of the third largest natural bay in the world. As a major center of northern Mozambique, Pemba has many banks, supermarkets and restaurants, but the potholed streets give it a rather run-down feel. However, some pretty colonial buildings can be seen, and the city is equally popular with affluent Mozambican and South Africans for its good water sports.

Also called Vilankulo the Mozambican capital of water sports is a large and popular beach resort with numerous accommodation options from cheap to expensive. It is also the gateway to the Bazaruto Archipelago, Mozambique’s only underwater national park. You can reach Vilanculos by bus, etc. from Maputo or Beira or by minibus from Inhambane. There is also an airport near the city, Vilanculos International Airport.

Another natural treasure of Mozambique is the Maputo Elephant Park. Mozambique Travelers should not miss this highlight. Unique plants and animals make this park a special feature. Known for its huge herds of elephants and flamingos, leopards, antelopes, crocodiles, jackals and many more, however, he got his high profile through the peculiarity of the elephant. Larger than other African species, they wandered through the Futi Canal towards South Africa in years of war, and nevertheless returned as if through a natural wonder. Three large salt lakes are located in Maputo Elephant Park and serve as a breeding ground for sea turtles. Between April and September – due to cooler and drier months – is for holiday makers the best time of wildlife observation in Mozambique.

Other safari discovery tours include the Great Limpopo Transfrontier National Park. A concept was made possible between the countries of South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mozambique: to introduce tourists to the wilderness in all its originality and beauty. The Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park is one of the largest nature reserves in Africa. Tropical wetlands, the Lebombo mountain range and a wealth of wildlife show the infinite beauty of Africa. Overnight stays are also possible in the Limpopo National Park.

Varied organized hiking and safari tours lead travelers and tourists to the secluded savannah, in the bird-rich wetlands or in bush landscapes.

Mozambique has a tropical-humid climate. In the rainy season from October to March there are heavy rains with cyclones. In the dry season of Mozambique from April to September, there are droughts, mostly in the south. The average temperature in Maputo in July is 13 to 24 degrees, in February at 22 to 31 degrees Celsius. The best travel time for Mozambique is between April and October.

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